Friday, 9 August 2013

Some more features for Hooves Reloaded

All is busy here at Hooves of Fire base camp.  We are refining and adding features for Hooves Reloaded and eradicating some more minor bugs in the process. 

Expect to see some interface changes in the next version.  The menu layout needed to change so we could add some extra buttons in.  There will be a global leaderboard coming so you can compare yourself against the best of the best. 

Some nice touches have been added to the race screen, see more details about the race track, see who's horse you are competing against and a quicker view of horse form for those of you who like to bet on races. 

Horse profile has had a rework, changes to horse health and happiness should be much easier to see in the new layout and is also more consistent with the rest of the game. 

Stay tuned!