Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Happy Birthday Hooves of Fire!

Hooves of Fire celebrates its 6th Birthday today, so its party hats for horses and birthday treats in the shop to celebrate!

The birthday treat will give your horse maximum happiness, so stock up while you can (its also free!)

A big thanks to all of our Hooves of Fire players, past and present, for supporting us over the last 6 years.  It has been great fun and we hope the game has given people much enjoyment and entertainment.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Want to race in a tournament but don't have Pedigree 30 horses?

Do you have Pedigree 25 horses or lower in your stable? Looking to race with a fun and friendly bunch of people in a special tournament with prizes? Join the Oracle Ped 25 and Under Racing Group, taking registrations now!

Monday, 13 April 2015

RJS/Rubber Duck Software 2 vs 2 Tournament

Thirty-four teams and counting! Teams are forming now for the RJS/Rubber Duck Software 2 vs 2 Tournament, starting the week of the 23rd of April. Who will take out the title of 2 vs 2 champion?
1. Wicked Sisters
2. Drakkar
3. Soul Maniacs 
4. Steel Panther
5. Dark Devil
6. Predators
7. Hurricanes
8. Terminators
9. Untouchables
10. Spartans Uno
11. North and South
12. Jokers
13. Spartan Dos
14. Double Trouble
15. Ace White Sharks
16. Highway Paradise
17. Caribbean Boys
18. Killer Whales
19. The Amazing Pepz
20. Thundercats
21. Apiots
22. Kamandag Boys
23. Ex.Cons
24. Great White Sharks
25. Ace Gemini
26. Smoked Out Ninjas
27. All In One
28. Peke Performers
29. Silip Boys
30. Onemeow
31. Party Dolls
32. Panthers
33. Speed Angels
34. Skull n Bones

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dan McGuinness Knockout Cup Results

Final Results from the Dan McGuinness Knockout Cup are here:…/dan-mcguinness-knock-gr…
A big thanks to Hudson Elite Breeding and all the admin that helped set up the tournament. Well done to all the winners!