Monday, 5 December 2011

Hang onto your saddle...

The main addition in the latest Hooves of Fire update is an often requested feature from our players; permanent item storage.

Item storage means that players will now be able to stock up on items in the Shop and store them in their own Item storage container.

Treats, saddles and shoes can be stored.  However, there is some upkeep required to keep the items. Items in storage or on your horse will degrade on a daily basis, so they will need regular repairs to stop them from breaking and becoming useless (and even more costly to repair!).  Items now also have "levels"  which increase their effectiveness when applied to your horses.

- Item Storage Box - 

Players will be able to swap items around on their horses, so it means your favourite saddle can be worn by any horse in your stable, and it won't disappear when your horse dies or is sold.  

The only limiting factor to swapping items around is a player's level of "Racer Achievement" which determines how many items can be equipped per hour.

Get those race wins up to level your "Racer Achievement" and you will be able to equip up to 4 items per hour at the highest level.

For more details on the new item storage feature, see the Hooves of Fire Wiki.

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  1. You can just keep your hardcore. No-one really wants to start from scratch. Players have worked hard for where they're at and this is how you treat us. Give me a break. If you really don't want to support this game, give it to someone who can and will support this game and its players.

    Within 6 months your real paying players will leave and this game will be worth nothing. You have failed big time with this update. You have not listened to your paying customers. Any possible sponsors will be heading for the door. And the game will be over forever. All to the inability to listen to your customers.