Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hooves of Fire Update Released - June 2011

The long anticipated Hooves of Fire update is now available. The update includes new features, a new standalone website and interface enhancements to the game.

City Hall
A new building has been added to the Hooves of Fire Town Map: "City Hall".

City Hall provides a number of services:
  • Hooves Passport - sign up for a Hooves Passport to allow you to sign into Hooves of Fire on multiple platforms using a single log in. Take your horses with you wherever you go...
  • Hooves Tokens - Hooves Tokens can be used to purchase premium features. 
  • Horse renaming - Rename a horse you purchased from the market or rename one of your own horses
The Mayor from City Hall

Hooves of Fire Website
Hooves of Fire now has a standalone website. Login using your activated Hooves Passport to access your stable.  Customise your stable using Hooves Tokens.

The Hooves of Fire website at

Customise the look of your stables by repainting them using Hooves Tokens.  Stable repainting is only available on the website.

Stables of Flame! One of the custom stable designs available on

Stud farm
Stud farm has a new look, expanded price filters and the added ability to filter horses to show only those with DNA certificates. 

The new look Stud Farm.  Take a seat, we'll be right with you...

New players
New players joining will now receive $5,000 starting cash and start off with a horse already in their stable. 

Social features
  • Active friend filter -  View only active Hooves friends. Select the "Hide inactive" button at the bottom of the 'friends' window to only show those friends who are currently playing the game
  • User display in "Players online" window.  VIPs will now display in gold, chat active users display in green highlight, chat inactive users show in grey highlight
  • Those players without chat enabled will see the upcoming race list
And there's more... see the full changelog here.

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