Thursday, 7 July 2011

Breeding horses - what is going on?

We have heard a lot of discussion about the difficulties of breeding presented in the higher pedigrees of the game.  I don't think I will be able to change player's minds on this issue through this blog, but I thought it would be helpful to provide our point of view on the subject.

We are aware that some players are unhappy and frustrated with the difficulties presented in higher breeding and that you preferred it the way it was before the update.  We appreciate your feedback and are not ignoring you. We read the posts, emails and forums.

The bottom line is that Hooves of Fire is an evolving creation.  We want (and had designed) the higher levels of the game to be more challenging for players.  We want players to celebrate breeding a better horse instead of breeding up every time being a foregone and expected conclusion. We want players to race against each other, race their horses till they enter Hooves Heaven and enjoy the game as a racing game instead of just pressing a button to receive a better horse every 48 hours.

The game is designed primarily to be a racing game.  We want players to race and enjoy the thrill of racing and winning against your friends. Find your best horses by actually racing them on the track instead of checking their price, waiting till they are two days old and selling them. Future updates of the game will attempt to move the focus back to racing, as the game was originally intended. We want the game to be challenging and fun at the same time and welcome suggestions from players as to how to achieve this end, whilst keeping the focus on racing.


  1. Well, with the update that was done in Jan/feb I had to go to breeding more. Then when I get to a point my breeding was doing good then you done this last downdate. According to YOUR wiki, "1. The breeding is not always positive, just most of the time"

    Well it is totally the reverse with the latest peds. Most of the time its going backwards and the odd occurance it goes forward.

    The more you mess with the way people play the game the worse its going to be. Some people play this as a breeding game and some as a racing game. If you force people to play the way you want them to play, you will only alienate the fans of the game.

    Instead of focusing on what YOU want, why dont you focus on what the players want. For example, Tourney rooms(that will get racing back) and more rooms in champ, and stop messing with the breeding.

    I find myself getting bored of the game because of the last downdate.

  2. I'm all for getting back into racing I love that part of the game and still race ......but there is no incentive to race..... prize money verse selling a horse is so out of kilter it is laughable, I have said before if you make horses more valuable when they hit gr1 or gr2 then it may even out the game......... people will always play it the way they want you CANT NOT FORCE THEM TO RACE. I myself would love to be able to do both, if we had an extra 3/5 stables then it would allow players to still breed and race. I do realise that some would just use that space to breed........but alot I race with would use the extra space to keep their racers racing. My goal is to get a billion dollar cup runner and I'm not far off with one of mine but I have to keep freezing him for breeding room.

    You guys created an awesome game which I love but the love is waning so lets hope you have listened and something positive comes out of all of this

  3. got ur point... but not everybody loves to race.. isn't it more enjoyable to bet while you are racing?? but cant do that anymore coz you guys put a limit on the cash prize... that sucks!!! im stuck to 10 quad for almost 3 weeks and can't do anything else but to breed then again you messed it up... i think youre manipulating the site too much, jeopardizing the game and defeating the purpose of enjoyment!!!

  4. I for one like to breed, breed, breed and breed some more .... As Sandy said .. the money is NOT there to chase in racing ... and as for the 10 Quadrillion limit ... I feel this is only going to hurt the game ... The way we are going with stud fees at the moment ... we will need 1 Quadrillion to breed with other peoples horses and no one will have any money because we can't get past the 10 Quadrillion mark NOW ....

  5. as i have mentioned before it makes no sense that u get more $money 4r a horse that has not won a race @ 1day old then a G1 horse that has urn a billion in price money players play the game the way they want some breed some race and others do both surly it will benefit all if the sale and stud price is determent buy a horses race record the price should start the same and go up or down according 2 his race record the same should apply at stud this price must be set by hooves and not players,if u are a hard core racer u should be awarded and if not u still get the benefit of breeding p.s a horse should be awarded 4r getting to G1

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